A Guide to Choosing the Right Sex Toy: Finding Your Perfect Pleasure

A Guide to Choosing the Right Sex Toy: Finding Your Perfect Pleasure

Sex toys have become increasingly popular as people explore new ways to enhance their pleasure and sexual experiences. With a wide range of options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right toy that suits your preferences. In this guide, we will help you navigate through the diverse world of sex toys and find the perfect match for your desires.


Internal vs. External Stimulation: While personal preferences vary, studies suggest that external stimulation often leads to more frequent and consistent orgasms for women. Several studies have reported that approximately 10-54% of women have experienced an internal G-spot orgasm at least once in their lives. However, it is important to note that individual experiences and responses to G-spot stimulation can vary widely. Factors such as arousal level, psychological factors, anatomical differences, and the specific techniques employed during stimulation can influence the likelihood of experiencing an internal G-spot orgasm. It's essential to experiment and discover what works best for your body. We found that 80% of our community prefer external (clitoral) stimulation.


Couples Vibrators: Couples vibrators are designed to be used during partnered play to enhance desire, intimacy and connection. These toys often offer remote controls where one can solely, taking the lead and possibly practicing edging on the other partner. Some of these vibrators can be worn in your underwear creating a thrilling night out... We offer the Ilo Wellness Ring, a vibrator designed to be worn like a ring allowing for easy manoeuvrability and control. 


Solo Vibrators: Solo vibrators are designed for individual use, offering a range of features to cater to personal preferences. They come in various shapes, sizes, and intensities, allowing you to explore different forms of stimulation. Whether you prefer internal or external pleasure, there is a solo vibrator suited for you. If you prefer a more subtle sensation the Ilo Wellness Egg and Curve are the best choices for you. The Egg is designed for external stimulation and the Curve for internal.  


Suction Toys: Suction toys have gained popularity due to their unique sensation. They create a gentle suction around the clitoris, mimicking oral sex and providing intense pleasure. Suction toys come in high-intensity and low-intensity options, allowing you to customise the experience to your liking. Ilo Wellness offers two innovative vibrators using this technology. They are our best sellers- Ilo Wellness Duo and Blended. Their difference is the Blended features internal and external stimulation where as the Duo is designed for just external stimulation.  


The Role of Lube: Using lubrication can significantly enhance your sexual experience and increase the likelihood of climax. In fact, lube can increase your chancing of having an orgasm by 80%! Lube reduces friction, making penetration and toy play more comfortable. It can also intensify sensations and allow for smoother movements. Opt for natural water-based or oil-based lubricants, depending on the material of your toy.


Choosing the right sex toy is a personal journey that involves understanding your preferences and desires. Whether you're exploring solo pleasure or engaging in partnered play, there are numerous options available to cater to your needs. Remember to experiment, communicate with your partner, and prioritise your comfort and pleasure. By finding the perfect sex toy, you can unlock new levels of sexual satisfaction and experience mind-blowing orgasms. Embrace your curiosity and embark on a pleasurable adventure!


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