26 seconds

Is the time it takes to enter your blood stream.

Choosing the right care for sensitive areas is crucial due to the quick absorption by the vaginal mucosa, a highly vascularised and permeable tissue. This understanding inspired our pH-balanced, natural lube, crafted to align with your body’s natural processes. Embrace gentle, effective care designed for your well-being. Discover the difference with our natural lube – where nature meets nurture.

80% of women are more like to orgasms with lube

We have meticulously designed 3 differing lubricants. Firstly, our hero- Water-based Lube. Ph balanced and velvety texture. Body oil that doubles as an Oil-based Lube. Lastly but definitely not least our Balm Lube. The first of its kind and dare we say a high achiever.

Refinery, Women's Health and Who AU first pick for intimate candle is our.