At ilo Wellness, Claire and Luciana's beliefs and approach to life are deeply entwined with our mission statement. We believe in nurturing holistic sexual wellbeing, understanding that it encompasses much more than just physical pleasure. Our offerings, including modern sex essentials, are crafted to be an integral part of this journey, fostering rituals, self-care practices, and a resonant connection to oneself.



$1 from each ilo Curve sale goes to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF), which funds research for early detection, better treatment, and eventual eradication of ovarian cancer, a disease affecting 4 Australian women daily, often at advanced stages.

We believe the discomfort women feel discussing self-pleasure and masturbation stems from a lack of educational resources during puberty. Hence, we donate $1 from each My ilo sale to AMAZE, providing accessible online sex education for adolescents.

In this venture, it's just Claire and Luciana, passionately working to turn our vision into a tangible reality. Ilo Wellness is a bootstrap business, born from our commitment to making a difference in the world of sexual wellbeing, one conversation and one product at a time. We value your feedback immensely, as it helps us grow and improve every facet of Ilo Wellness, staying true to our mission of nurturing holistic sexual wellbeing.