Transparency & Long Term Goals

We recognise the urgent need for change and are stepping up to the challenge. Ilo stands firm in our dedication to a sustainable path, advocating for ethical practices and transparent sourcing. Our long-term goals include transitioning to 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottles, sourcing FDA-approved recycled silicone for our vibrators, and attaining B Corp Certification, setting new industry standards for environmental and social responsibility.


Glass Over Plastic

We've chosen glass over plastic for our collection, guided by several compelling environmental benefits. Glass manufacturing generates considerably fewer carbon emissions compared to plastic. On average, glass production emits about 0.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide per kilogram, whereas plastic production emits approximately 6 kilograms per kilogram, making glass a much cleaner option. Moreover, glass does not leach harmful chemicals into its contents, ensuring both product safety and quality.

Sex Toy Recycling

Developed in line with our sustainability practices, the recycling program is entirely free and open to any vibrator brand. You'll also be rewarded for saving the planet with a gift card for your next Ilo Wellness purchase.


Meet the founders

We are Claire Deeks and Luciana Burke, two highly passionate women in our mid 20s, dedicated to bridging the pleasure gap and empowering women to explore their sexuality.