Female Arousal

Female Arousal

It's no secret that women's bodies are complex and require a bit of warming up before penetration. Many people are unaware of the intricate details of female anatomy, including the fact that the vulva has erectile tissue, just like the penis. This tissue needs to be aroused to prepare the body for penetration. The process of warming up is often referred to as "foreplay," and it's an essential component of any sexual encounter.

On average, women need around 30 minutes of foreplay before penetration. This time frame may vary from person to person, but the general consensus is that women require more time than men to become fully aroused. This is where the concept of "pleasure gates" comes into play. According to @freya_graf_ymt, passing through each gate allows for enough time to drop into your parasympathetic nervous system, feel safe and honored, and become fully aroused.

So, what are these pleasure gates, and how do they work? The first gate involves assessing your connection with your partner. Are you making eye contact, communicating effectively, and feeling heard? Building a strong connection with your partner is crucial for a positive sexual experience.

The second gate involves touching on the extremities, such as the arms, legs, hands, and feet. This gentle touch helps to increase blood flow and promote relaxation. We suggest incorporating our massage candle to easily massage your partners body and with the warmth of the oil it increases the sensitivity. 

Gate number three involves touching areas closer to the heart, such as the neck and collarbone. This type of touch can help to increase feelings of intimacy and emotional connection.

The fourth gate involves touching on more intimate areas, such as the breasts and nipples. This type of touch can be highly arousing and prepare the body for more direct stimulation.

Gate number five involves touching on the outer labia, which can help to increase blood flow to the vulva.

The sixth gate involves touching on the inner labia, which is a highly sensitive area that can be incredibly arousing when stimulated correctly. Start to increase lubricants. Add more of the massage candle oil or switch to our Balm Lube which allows for heightened sensation as it needs to be massaged in to melt to an oily consistency. If oil lubes are not your first preference try our natural water-based lube

Finally, the seventh gate involves penetration. By taking the time to pass through each of these gates, women can become fully aroused and ready for penetration, resulting in a more positive sexual experience.

This 7-gate process can also be implemented in solo masturbation. We still need to become aroused alone to experience deep pleasure. In gate number 7 consider using some of our vibrators to assist. 

In conclusion, the female body is complex and requires a bit of warming up before penetration. Taking the time to pass through each of the seven pleasure gates can help women become fully aroused and ready for sexual activity. Communication, connection, and touch are all essential components of this process, and by prioritising foreplay, couples can have a more positive and enjoyable sexual experience.


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