The wonderful, confusing world of contraception

The wonderful, confusing world of contraception

*Disclaimer* This article has NOT been written by a medical or health practitioner. It is important you seek advice from a professional before making any changes to your contraception. This article is also NOT recommending one method of contraception over another or making any new claims about contraceptive methods. 

As a woman, contraception can be a hard thing to talk about, and quite frankly, it isn’t spoken about enough. It seems to be assumed knowledge and therefore swept under the rug entirely. However, the current discourse around contraception is pumped full of opinions - many of which have not been substantiated by medical evidence. Myth spreaders are out there, and it’s complex enough to grapple with without having to worry about everyone else’s views. 

This is why we are completely neutral and supportive of CHOICE in this arena- whatever that looks like for you. Taking contraception, not taking contraception. Stopping and starting. Taking and then forgetting. Chopping and changing. It’s OK and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and confused by the options out there. It’s also OK to not use contraception in the form of a coil, the rod or taking the pill. There is no right way, only your way. 

Ultimately, we want to get rid of this fear-factor mentality surrounding contraception. See below: *eyeroll* 

“Ooo, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” 

“How intrusive, doesn’t that hurt?” 

“That’s really risky, aren’t you scared?” 

There is nothing scary about having freedom and choice over our reproductive system. There is something scary, however, in the way women are judged for the methods of contraception they use and what works for their body. A more productive way of contributing to this conversation would be supporting other women for their choice, and asking how it works for them. 

For example: “Do you use contraception? . How do you feel about it? That’s so great that it works for you! Tell me more about your reservations? etc.” 

Until our daughters, goddaughters and nieces won’t have to think about this in the same way we have had to, we need to keep momentum going on this healthy conversation to encourage ourselves and others to do what is right for our own body.


Ilo Wellness x

Written by Margaux Dalgleish  


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